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Everyone knows who did it. . .But nobody will punish him

It’s impossible to look at all these photos without pain in the heart. But everyone has to look at it to understand the whole global catastrophe of our animal world! We destroy our great nature ourselves. But the main problem is we don’t understand it. You can think about what is the harm if you throw the plastic bottle or cellophane package? It is a bad idea to think that a piece of glass or plastic don’t harm to birds and animals. . .

All these pictures are about warning. Our nature is suffering from the ruthless and cruel creatures of the world right now. These creations are people. The animal planet dies by the minute. Let’s think together about our actions!

Everyone knows who did it. . .But nobody will punish him

There are smog and fogs every day in Hong Kong. You can make beautiful photos nowhere, except this poster with the view.

Deforestation is a terrible crime. This poor koala has lost. It can’t find the way to home.

The birds are caught in cellophane bags. Just look at this stork who doesn’t even know how to get out.

A lot of penguins suffer from the oil blow-out into the ocean. These birds have already been poisoned. They will die very soon. . .

Once upon a time this turtle crawled very fast, it was active and curious. Then, the man threw a piece of plastic. . .You should see what happened with the turtle after many years. It was caught in the waste. That’s very painful!

Don’t throw the litter in the water because animals die from it every day. The man left a lot of things in the seas and oceans. . . This fur seal screams as it hurts!

We can’t even keep clean the memorable sights and objects. Look at this! This is the Great Wall in China.

This polar bear could be very big, beautiful, strong and brave. . .

Even if this little seal can help itself it will not be without injuries. Thank you, people.

1 kg of plastic is 35 cents for his family to live. Thank you for the opportunity to earn. . .

The oil is our life. But this is not for everyone.

Ganges was one of the cleanest rivers. . .

The reservoir Pingba had always been famous.

Ten thousand more, ten thousand less. . .

The most romantic place for marriage proposal in Bangladesh.

A lot of people don’t even think that not everyone has a tap in the house. Some people drink from dirty lakes. . .

This is wonderful bird! The nest is awful. . . this is the nest out of the litter.

Thank you, people. You provided me with the home.


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